Teresa Krager

Teresa Joyelle Krager, with passion for education,
Taught first grade and kindergarten, 27 years of dedication.
Then a flicker ignited for picture book creation
To point others to Jesus and share His salvation.
With a head full of Seuss and a heart for Jesus’ revelation
She embarked a new journey, one of inspiration.

Elementary Ed and Biblical Studies combination
From Pacific Christian College prepared her vocation.
A Masters in Education, Arizona State confirmation,
A woman of prayer, perseverance, and determination.

Teresa lives with her husband in a desert location
Exchanging Phoenix heat for a snowboard vacation
She loves songwriting and worship, guitar and piano compilation
A “fisher of men” and fisher of fish. Both bring celebration!


Most Recent Project: Before Your Birth Day (Elk Lake, 2020)

Website/Blog: teresakrager.com / http://pointingtheway.live

Facebook:  Teresa Krager

Twitter:  His Arrow@arrow_his


Represented by Karen Neumair