Mabel Ninan

Born and raised within the minority Christian community in India, Credo author Mabel Ninan moved to America in 2008. Her journey from East to West broke her apart, but God stepped in to put her back together. Mabel now writes and speaks with a mission—to encourage and empower believers to embrace their pilgrim identity and to boldly pursue their heavenly calling on earth. She writes at the intersection of faith, culture, and identity on her blog, Her articles and devotions have been published in The Upper Room and at She is the winner of the “Shows Great Promise” award at the Colorado Christian Writers’ Conference (2018).

Mabel holds a master’s degree in business administration, and her career as a management professional cut across a variety of roles, including quality management, project and account management, and business development. She was involved in youth ministry since she was fifteen years old, having led the choreography and dance team in her home church in India. A former women’s Bible study leader, Mabel finds her greatest satisfaction and joy in studying the Bible and having conversations about her faith.

A part-time Math tutor, Mabel enjoys reading, dancing, and traveling. She lives in San Jose, California, with her supportive husband, curious elementary school-aged son, and ever-hungry dog.

Most Recent Project: Far from Home: Discovering Your Identity as Foreigners on Earth (Harambee Press 2022)

Facebook: Mabel Ninan
Instagram: @Mabel_Ninan

Represented by: Karen Neumair