Troy Evans

Troy Evans lost his virginity at age 11, fathered a child at age 16, and became a local leader of a nationwide gang. Troy sold drugs, became involved in prostitution rings, spent time in jail, and enforced gang rules. His was a life of violence, intimidation and his most sought-after commodity, respect.

By age 20, Troy had denounced the gang and was forced to flee for his life. He lived in Georgia and North Carolina, never straying far from his path of violence. While in the South he became a personal bodyguard for an “old school hustler.” Yet God’s call on his life remained. He stepped away from the violence, eventually moving back north where he met LaDawn, a woman whose life was far from the Lord but who eventually drew Troy to church.

He came to Christ at age 23 and began serving at inner-city churches. He’s now back in Grand Rapids and married to LaDawn; they have four children. He pastors The Edge, an urban hip-hop church, and works with schools, churches and law enforcement to help reach at-risk, urban youth.

Most Recent Project: The Edge of Redemption: A Story of Hope for Rescuing the Unreachable (Wesleyan Publishing House, 2011)