Robert Davis

Robert Davis was a well respected Police Officer in New Orleans until 1979 – when he was arrested. Robert began his career with aspirations of being a great cop, but like many cops in the 1970s, he was exposed to a darker side of law enforcement. Before long, he became a rogue cop, facing prison for his actions.

Before his trial, Robert decided to run, leaving everything – family, friends, loved ones – and becoming a target for federal authorities and a hunt by U.S. Marshalls. For the next twenty-two years, Robert lived in the woods of Canada and North America, becoming an expert woodsman, a survivalist.

Eventually, Robert challenged God to give him a sign. When God answered, Robert surrendered to the God he had been denying and returned to New Orleans to turn himself in to the authorities, prepared to face his punishment. Instead, he encountered a judge who suspended the prison sentence and gave him only two and a half years probation. He was set free!

Today, Robert speaks of his past, only to serve as illustration of the power of God to set anyone free from sin. In addition to speaking at churches, Robert speaks to youth, state and local law enforcement agencies, and civic organizations about his experiences and transformation.

Most recent project: Running Scared: The Corrupt Cop Busted by God (Lion Hudson)