Janet Kusiak

Janet Kusiak (MSW, LCSW) is a licensed clinical social worker and marriage and family therapist in private practice in Bloomington, Indiana. Janet has a passion for young adults and believes that by teaching them how to change the way they think–despite their circumstances–we give them the power to change their lives, and also our society. She believes the solution for the myriad of social ills affecting young people begins by changing one mind at a time. Inked was born out of Janet’s personal story, featured in Plus: The Magazine of Positive Thinking, which describes her descent into despair and how a “coincidental” stumbling upon the principles of right thinking transformed her circumstances. That life-changing experience led her to earn a Masters in Social Work from Indiana University and the principles of Inked have become her life message. She believes in the principles set forth in Inked because she has had the front-row privilege of seeing them at work.

Most recent project: Inked: Choosing God’s Mark to Transform Your Life (Abingdon 2013)