Garry Friesen

Garry Friesen, Ph.D, is the author of the award-winning book Decision Making and the Will of God: A Biblical Alternative to the Traditional View (Multnomah 1980, completely rewritten WaterBrook edition 2004). The book has sold over 250,000 copies and provides many speaking opportunities. Dr. Friesen is also one of three authors of How Then Should We Choose? Three Views on God’s Will and Decision Making (Kregel 2009).

Dr. Friesen attended John Brown University, where he spent twenty hours a week in ministry, primarily as county director for Youth for Christ. He also holds a master’s in theology and a doctorate in systematic theology, both from Dallas Theological Seminary. He currently teaches Bible and theology at Multnomah University, where he has served as head of the Bible department, as well as academic dean.

In addition to teaching full-time, Dr. Friesen also serves as a mentor to the five students who live at his home, Aslan’s How. He also manages a women’s home, Inkling House. He serves as an elder at Imago Dei Community church and has also worked with an Oxford team to restore C.S. Lewis’ house as a historical site and study center. He leads the Eagle and Child reading group, and enjoys collecting C.S. Lewis books and memorabilia.

Most Recent Project: The C.S. Lewis Scripture Companion (publisher pending)