Claudia Mitchell

Claudia’s current position as Director of Women’s Ministries at Sherwood Oaks Christian Church in Bloomington, Indiana, coupled with her ten years of experience teaching elementary school students and ten years of experience as a Children’s Minister, have given her an abundant understanding of the needs of young women.

Under her ten years as Dean of the Hilltop Christian Camp Girls Week, Claudia has had the privilege of seeing numerous young women develop into extraordinary leaders–including many who have assumed roles in ministry and overseas missions.

She has shared her experiences by speaking at public education conferences, the North American Christian Convention, the International Network of Children’s Ministry, the Youth Workers Conference, various women’s conferences and youth camps, and in classrooms at Indiana University and Ivy Tech College in Bloomington, Indiana.

She has written Sunday school lessons for Standard Publishing Company for children and adults, as well as articles in Hoosier Gadabout and Hoosier Outdoors.

Claudia attended Lincoln Christian College and graduated from Indiana University. During her teaching career, she received The Golden Apple Teaching Award and Special Education Award. While in children’s ministry, she received the All Star VBS Award from Standard Publishing.

Most recent project: One Girl Can Change the World (Standard 2009)