Coaching and Conferences

“As a first-time author, the publishing process with Credo House Publishers was everything I hoped and prayed it would be. Actually, it was even better.”

Linda Aalderink | Author, Immeasurably More

Having spent many years in business development and product creation, we at Credo Communications know what it takes to build a successful book. We also know what it takes to create a series. We’ve been responsible for filling in an entire publishing pipeline as well.

We’re experts at helping you understand the publishing process so that you’ll know what to expect as you embark on the journey. We’re also able to creatively and strategically help our publishing partners to express their vision and articulate their mission on the printed page or tablet screen through a variety of printed resources.

Our experience in publishing board meetings, university and conference classrooms, and behind the retail counter give us insight that will help you make the most of your gifts and opportunities, whether you’re a first-time author or a seasoned publishing professional.

2024 Engagements: Let’s get together at one of these writing spaces. The president and his associates will be presenting workshops and meeting with authors at these events:

Or, for ongoing coaching by an Empowerment Coaching Network certified publishing and writing coach, contact us directly at