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My Arms Will Hold You Tight
Crystal Bowman, Teri McKinley

Each 4-color spread in this whimsical board book features illustrations of beloved animals―including llamas, elephants, and sloths―along with fun surprises like bats and flamingos. Authors Crystal Bowman and Teri McKinley are masterful with rhyming and bring the tenderness of heartfelt love between these adorable baby animals and their parents to life. My Arms Will Hold You Tight will appeal to the whole family and is sure to be a favorite book for Mom, Dad, Grandma, or Grandpa to read with their precious little ones.

Board Book: 26 pages
Tyndale Kids


The Well: The Art of Drawing Out Authentic Conversations
Cathy Krafve

Does your spouse refuse to hear? Do your children stare without comprehending? Does your parent or boss habitually raise objections to your good ideas? Oh, the frustration! Conversations often break down instead of breaking through.

She changed from a woman alone to a woman of influence. Her faith transformed a whole community. How did she do that? In The Well, Cathy Krafve points out 40 strategies Jesus used to prompt authentic conversation—by analyzing just one conversation with the woman at the well.

These strategies include:

  • • Initiate simple communication principles to transform all your conversations. Go from magical thinking to miraculous results in a matter of a few biblical truths.
  • • Invigorate your closest relationships with terrific communication. Watch the ripple effect as your conversations spread truth and joy throughout all your relationships.
  • • Inspire others through authentic conversations. Enjoy the intimate companionship our hearts all crave.

Are you ready to foster tender, effective conversations with everyone around you? Don’t miss your chance to transform all your relationships!

Paperback: 222 pages
Elk Lake Publishing, Inc.


I Love You to the Stars: When Grandma Forgets, Love Remembers
Crystal Bowman, Douglas Groothuis

Helping children find their way through the confusing world of a loved one developing dementia

Grandma has come to live with Noah’s family, and he couldn’t be happier. They put together puzzles, read books, and play with Sunny, Grandma’s dog. And she never misses a chance to tell Noah that she loves him “to the stars.”

But lately Grandma hasn’t been the same. She does funny things like lose her shoes in the bathtub, and not so funny things like getting lost and forgetting how to read. Mom explains that Grandma’s brain has gotten sick, and it makes her forget things. That means it’s their job to remember for her―and to make sure she always knows that she is loved as much as she loves them.

With thoughtful, child-friendly language and warm, painterly illustrations, I Love You to the Stars is a beautiful book that helps children understand the often-scary reality of a grandparent or older friend experiencing dementia. It can be read with an adult, along with the discussion questions included at the end of the book, or pulled from the shelf by little hands whenever they need a reminder that love is always there.

Hardcover: 32 pages
Kregel Publications


Marriage in the Middle: Embracing Midlife Surprises, Challenges, and Joys
Dorothy Littell Greco

Midlife is a season of challenge and change―professionally, relationally, physically, and spiritually. On our better days, we experience a sense of growing clarity and satisfaction about who we are. We might even be coming to terms with our limitations and vulnerabilities, letting go of some dreams and creating new ones. But many days, we are overwhelmed and exhausted by the intense transitions of this season, leaving us feeling off-balance and insecure. And these challenges reverberate through our marriages, making us wonder how we’re going to survive. Though many assume that “midlife” is synonymous with “crisis,” Dorothy Littell Greco reminds us that it doesn’t have to be that way. The demands of midlife actually force us to adjust and adapt, providing new opportunities for discovery and growth within our marriages. With vulnerability and insight, Marriage in the Middle will inspire and encourage you to invest in your relationship with your spouse, enabling you both to thrive as you face the challenges and changes of this era together.

Paperback: 200 pages
Intervarsity Press


What About Me? How to Survive Your Parents’ Divorce
Kim Johnson

You didn’t want your parents’ split to happen, but it did. And now your life has changed in ways you never imagined. One minute you’re miserable and the next so mad you want to scream. You feel alone and abandoned, like things will never be good again.

As much as it hurts, your story isn’t finished. God still has a purpose for you. While the breakup ended one part of your life, it’s the beginning of the next. Now you have the choice to give up or take courage and learn to cope. The tips and tools in What About Me? will provide you with help, healing and hope to survive your parents’ divorce.

Paperback: 190 pages
Elk Lake Publishing, Inc.


The Lands of the Bible Today: Experience 44 Places in Scripture and Photo
Dave Branon

If you’ve visited the Holy Land, plan to travel there, or are just fascinated by this sacred space, you’ll enjoy The Lands of the Bible Today. This handy reference guide brings 44 different sites right to you. Through beautiful photographs and interesting information, you can learn more about these special places in the comfort of your easy chair, or take this travel guide along as a companion on your journey.

Biblical references, travel tips, and personal reflections from Our Daily Breadauthor Dave Branon make this guide useful for both biblical understanding and spiritual pilgrimage. Its portable 6″x 6″ size makes it ideal for carrying in your backpack to use as a quick and easy reference as you travel the Holy Land or as an attractive little coffee-table book.

It makes an ideal gift for anyone who is traveling to the Holy Land or who is fascinated by biblical history.

Paperback: 192 pages
Our Daily Bread