Shaped by God’s Promises: Lessons from Sarah on Fear and Faith
Shannon Popkin

“She considered him faithful who had made the promise.” Hebrews 11:11 NIV

Sarah was filled with doubts, worries, and fears about her future. God had promised her a son, yet she remained childless. Faced with the chaos of life, Sarah reached for manipulation and control. Instead of resting in and trusting God’s promises, she took matters into her own hands-like many of us are tempted to do.

In our high-stress, high-anxiety culture, there’s much to relate to in Sarah’s tumultuous world. Join Shannon Popkin in this 6-week Bible study on Sarah’s life-and her faith. By digging into Scripture 5 days a week, you’ll see how God was with Sarah and faithfully for her, even when she couldn’t see it. Discover how her life-and yours too-was ultimately shaped not by her hardships or heartaches but by the reliable promises of God.

Paperback : 224 Pages
Our Daily Bread Publishing