Comparison Girl for Teens: Thriving Beyond Measure in a World That Compares
Shannon Popkin, Lee Nienhuis

We get it–comparison can feel like a never-ending struggle. The whole measuring up to friends and influencers on social media? It’s a lot. Everyone has their own idea of what teen girls should be like, and knowing who to listen to is overwhelming.

Comparison Girl for Teens is your go-to guide for navigating these tricky waters. Join best-selling authors Shannon Popkin and Lee Nienhuis as they team up to help you break free from the comparison trap and embrace the incredible life that Jesus has in store for you.

Get ready for a journey of self-discovery with forty readings packed with quizzes (they’re actually fun!), evaluations, and discussion questions. Plus, there are plenty of heartwarming stories to keep you company along the way. Whether you’ve been walking with God for a long time or you’re just exploring your faith, we invite you to discover new freedom, confidence, and influence by adopting Jesus’s “me-free” mindset in this crazy, measure-up world. Ready to dive in? Let’s do this!

Paperback : 280 Pages
Kregel Publications