Sherri Burgess

Sherri Burgess’ memoir, titled Bronner, released January 2016. Bronner is a testimony of faith in the wake of tremendous loss. Attempting to answer the “why” of pain and suffering in a biblical context, Burgess chronicles the journey to understanding that she and her husband Rick, of The Rick and Bubba Show, walked after the earthly death of their two-year-old son, Bronner.

The original manuscript has already been endorsed by influential Christian leaders such as Max Lucado, Jim Daly, Larry Taunton, Don Keith, and others:

“No one escapes life unscathed. Everyone faces tragedy. Rick and Sherri did. They did so with faith. We are wise to learn from their example. Their story inspires us to face our challenges by facing God first.”—Max Lucado, New York Times best-selling author


Most Recent Project: Bronner (New Hope 2016)


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