Sarah Parker Rubio

Sarah Parker Rubio has been an avid reader ever since she convinced her mom to teach her to read before her kindergarten teacher got around to it. Her writing draws on her experiences as the child of missionaries, a partner in an intercultural marriage, and the mother of two small boys. She enjoys writing for all ages but is especially drawn to the magic and wonder to be found in writing for children.

Sarah has over a decade of experience in the publishing industry as an editor at Tyndale House Publishers. Over the years she has had the opportunity to help shape dozens of books on a wide variety of topics. Her favorite books are the ones that give readers a window into a new world—a different culture, a magical universe, an obscure branch of science, a new idea, or an old idea presented in a new way.

Sarah’s goal is to create books that will help readers explore new ideas, grasp foundational concepts, and develop empathetic and compassionate hearts—and have fun in the process!


Most Recent Project: God’s Love is Like Sunshine (WorthyKids, 2022)


Facebook: Sarah Parker Rubio Books
Instagram: @sarahrubiobooks


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