Sarah Ball

Sarah E. Ball is a blogger, speaker, and columnist who ministers to people suffering from crippling anxiety disorders, OCD, panic disorders, and depression. Her personal journey through a very serious nervous breakdown had Sarah bedridden for months. As she clung to God’s Word, He began to show her the way out of fear and hopelessness, and into a place of complete freedom and wholeness. When Sarah found deliverance from mental illness, she was determined to reach back into the pit and pull the next person out.

In 2014, she published an article called “From Panic to Praise” in Testimony Magazine. Emails from people suffering from OCD, anxiety, and panic disorders came in, thanking her for being so vulnerable and giving them hope. This inspired her to write the Fearless in 21 Days online series, which was published on her blog in December 2014.

Sarah has had the opportunity to share her message as a regular contributor on the television show Devoted, through the Miracle Channel, a National Christian Television Network. She has also appeared on the  Insight and Lifeline With Dick and Joan shows on the Hope TV Network.

Sarah lives in Southern Alberta, Canada, with her husband and five children, and regularly argues with her dog Meadow over who the actual mother of the house is. She loves camping in the Canadian Rockies in the summer, and flying somewhere far away and hot to avoid shoveling snow in the winter.


Most Recent Project: Fearless in 21 Days (Hachette FaithWords 2018)


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