Ryanne Molinari

Ryanne Molinari is a professional pianist, organist, and music director with experience in a wide array of denominations and worship styles. She discovered her passion for traditional worship when she began working as a pianist at a Presbyterian church in Southern California.

She served there for four years before continuing on to work for Anglican, Scottish Episcopal, Lutheran Missouri Synod, and nondenominational churches in both contemporary and traditional worship. Ryanne is now the director of traditional worship at Bethany Lutheran Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She also volunteers as a keyboardist at Prairie Bible Church, where her husband is a pastor.

In addition to ministry, Ryanne has an established career as a collaborative pianist. She is particularly passionate about choral music, and works with high school, college, and community ensembles. She is slated to perform at Carnegie Hall in March of 2023 with Chorale Midwest.

Ryanne received her Bachelor of Music from Biola University (summa cum laude) and her Master of Letters with distinction in “Theology and the Arts” from the University of St. Andrew’s, Scotland. Her master’s research focused on the intersection of musical practice and spiritual formation, and her scholarly work has been accepted by publications such as The Big Picture, The Journal of the T.S. Eliot Society, and Transpositions: Theology, Imagination, and the Arts.

When she is not writing, practicing, or serving in ministry, Ryanne enjoys distance running, perusing secondhand bookstores, and attempting to befriend her cat.

Most Recent Project: Fruitful Worship: Singing in Step with the Spirit (publisher pending)

Website: ABookishCharm.com
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