Rachel Cash

Rachel Cash surrendered her life to Jesus in 1990 at the age of 9. As a new Christian, she dove head first into 90s Christian culture and its contemporary Christian music (CCM). Her true love waited. Her bracelets said, “WWJD.” She saddled up her horses on a great adventure. And, she doesn’t really care if you label her a Jesus Freak.

In 2019, Rachel and her pastor, Dr. William “Ashley” Mofield, launched Mixtape Theology on social media. As part devotional and part comedic 90’s retrospective, Mixtape Theology engages audiences to go deeper into the theology behind their favorite Christian music of that time, resulting in a fuller understanding of God’s┬áredemptive plan and their place in it. In their book of the same name, Rachel and Dr. Ashley, channel that 90s nostalgia to inspire readers to experience the wonder and excitement of a relationship with Jesus all over again.

Rachel has a BS in Cross-Cultural Studies: TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Toccoa Falls College and a Master of Public of Administration from Tennessee State University. After college, Rachel began her career in the nonprofit sector, working for organizations such as The Gideons International, Christian Women’s Job Corps, and United Way. During her time as a grant writer, she secured millions of dollars for Nashville-based nonprofits and metro government.

Rachel, her husband, and two daughters live in the Nashville, Tennessee, area. She homeschools her children, is active in her local church, and leads her church’s Speak for the Unborn chapter. She still jams out to dc Talk in the car and has a stash of WWJD bracelets in her dresser drawer.

Most Recent Project: Mixtape Theology: 90s CCM Edition

Website: mixtapetheology.com

Represented by: Pete Ford