Nancy Knol

Nancy Knol is the co-author of Deeper Waters, a resource for teaching middle school in a Christian context. She also spent a 29-year career in the classroom, teaching high school English, Bible, and theology, as well as middle school English and Bible. She taught primarily in the Grand Rapids Christian Schools. At both levels, she created extensive curricula.

The winner of the Michigan Excellence in Teaching Award, Nancy has also delivered talks at a variety of venues, including the keynote speech at the Midwest Christian School Educators Conference in South Bend, Indiana.

These days, Nancy devotes a good deal of her time to leading a book club at the Handlon State Prison, and also to teaching a variety of classes through the Calvin University CALL program.

Most Recent Project: Inspired Words: Devotions for Readers (Wipf and Stock 2021)

Facebook: Nancy Knol

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