Matthew Daniels

Matthew Daniels, J.D., Ph.D. was raised in poverty by a single mother in New York’s Spanish Harlem.  His neighborhood had the highest rate of violent crime in the Borough of Manhattan.  His family was forced onto welfare when his mother was assaulted by four men on the way home from work leaving her permanently disabled.  Dr. Daniels attended inner-city public schools in NYC until receiving a full scholarship to Dartmouth College. He went on to receive a Public Interest Scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania Law School and a fellowship to complete his doctorate in American politics at Brandeis.

Most recently, Dr. Daniels founded Good of All ( Good of All is an international public education movement dedicated to promoting universal human rights in the Digital Age. Good of All has launched five academic centers in three countries (US, UK and Republic of Korea) and reached over 16 million people online. The idea virus at the core of the Good of All vision is to utilize the potential of the internet as the most powerful communications and social networking tool of our time – in combination with the UDHR as the most universal expression of human rights in history — to promote freedom and fundamental human rights internationally.

Dr. Daniels has developed the King Rights Initiative, a partnership with the Georgia Department of Education and Public Broadcasting focused on applying the principles of the American civil rights movement to today’s critical human rights issues such as human trafficking. The Advisory Board for the King Rights Initiative includes civil rights pioneer Ambassador Andrew Young.  The pilot episode featuring Andrew Young and other civil rights leaders has received the unanimous endorsement of the Martin Luther King Jr. Advisory Board and the State Superintendent of Georgia Public Schools. The pilot episode has also been distributed to every public high school in the State of Georgia and aired on Georgia PBS in 2015.

Dr. Daniels teaches law and international relations on three continents.  He serves as Chair of Law & Human Rights and Founder of the Center for Human Rights and International Security at the Institute of World Politics ( in Washington, DC.  He is the Founder of the Center for Law and Digital Culture at Brunel Law School in London, England (, and an Adjunct Professor of Law at Handong International Law School in Pohang, South Korea.

Dr. Daniels is also the creator and producer of the Human Rights Network ( which serves as a digital hub for educational content created by all of Good of All’s academic centers on three continents.  The Human Rights Network is currently a YouTube channel designed to harness the global audience appeal of entertainment content for the purpose of educating digital natives on the universal rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (United Nations 1948).


Most Recent Project: Rediscovering the Soul of Civil Rights (publisher pending)


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