Kevin Makins

When he was just 23 (and too dumb to know better) Kevin founded Eucharist Church, a new community for those who were on the edge of faith. As the congregation grew in size and diversity they were able to list off all the things their church shouldn’t be. The more difficult and painful question was who they would become. Pastoring this community of spiritual mutts gave Kevin a front row seat to see how faith communities are being reimagined, reclaimed, and reshaped in a world sick of bad religion.

Over the last eight years, Kevin has been sharing what his community has learned through one-man shows, podcasts, YouTube videos, and writing. In 2017 he released his show “Holy Shift: Why the Bible is Violent, Troubling & Still Good News,” and in 2018 he released the podcast series “UnIntentional Community.” He regularly releases new YouTube videos for his series “Good Word Wednesday.”

Kevin ministers on the borderlands speaking to college students and seniors, the faithful and the skeptical, in ornate sanctuaries and hipster bars. With humor and depth, he aims to bridge the gap between the secular and sacred, the profound and profane. He holds an MDiv from Heritage Seminary.

When he’s not working on some new project he can be found hanging out in the city he loves, Hamilton, Ontario (Canada) with his wife, two-year-old daughter, and three housemates.

Most recent project: Why Would Anyone Go to Church? (Baker 2020)

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