Alice Kalso

Alice Kalso has a lifetime goal of being a woman who loves God. To her, loving God means telling stories of his work in people’s lives. It’s about God meeting us in difficult places, only to transform us into people who help others.

Alice’s childhood dream of writing came to fruition after graduating from college, marrying, and having three kids. Struggling with a difficult time in her family life, she turned to Catherine Marshall’s Beyond Ourselves. Catherine’s writing ministry began as she struggled with grief over the death of her husband. After reading the book, Alice, too, began to write. Several months later, she published the first of more than 200 articles in newspapers and magazines. Her credits include Moody Monthly, Virtue, and Christian Parenting Today. Many of those articles were profiles of men and women who had known tragedy. Jesus met them and changed their lives.

Since 1994 Alice has worked with families on senior transitions to assisted living and skilled nursing. These are difficult decisions. Nearly every adult child struggles to some extent with the role reversal that happens as their parent ages. There are so many hard choices to make.

Alice’s book Elder Care SOS: Facing Hard Choices With Hope helps adult children understand their parent’s losses, recognize their own, and face the thorny issues: driving, housing, advocacy, self-care, end of life. This book features her own story and also the stories of those she has worked with over the years.

Alice lives in Bothell, Washington, with her husband. Her three children and seven grandchildren live minutes away. The whole family loves to make and eat chocolate chip cookies.

Most recent project: Elder Care SOS: Facing Hard Choices With Hope (Elk Lake 2021)

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